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What Our Patients Said

When I was pregnant, severe joint pain in the hips (Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction) had me practically immobilized. I'm normally a very active person and the forced bedrest made me extremely depressed.

 The pain persisted after giving birth which is when I started to receive treatments from Dr. Cain. I wish I had gone to him earlier because his treatments provided me with immediate pain relief. As well, it would not have taken me as long to recover. I was in such bad shape when I first started my sessions with Dr. Cain that he had to make home visits 2-3 times a week.

Within a month, I was able to move around easily enough that I could visit him in his office. Each treatment built on the previous one to increase my range of motion, and in a very short period of time, I was back to my active self again! Thank-you Doctor Cain!

Cain Chiropractic is located in The Hamilton City Centre and offers treatment for motor vehicle accidents, sports and workplace Injuries, pregnancy related back pain, headaches, numbness and joint pain.  Dr. Mike Cain has worked as a chiropractor since 1998.  His clinic also offers Orthotics and Health and Wellness Coaching.  There is also an Exercise Room located at the clinic.
77 James Street North - Unit 346
Hamilton City Centre beside Jackson Square

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